Start the redemption of your voucher

Frequently asked questions:

  • Redeem your voucher - it's that easy
      Here you can redeem experience vouchers, experience boxes and experience cards.
    1. First insert your voucher code.
    2. Click the button "show experiences".
    3. Choose your experience (only with experience selection vouchers / experience boxes).
    4. Choose your event location and appointment.
      You get a list of appointments which you can book immediately. Or you will receive the contact data of your provider to arrange an appointment personally.
    5. Give your voucher on the day of the experience to your provider!
  • How do I use value vouchers and discount codes?
      Value vouchers and discount codes can be used directly in the shopping cart:
    1. First choose an experience.
    2. Click on the top right on the button "To the shopping cart".
    3. Click on "Use value voucher/ discount code".
  • How can I extend vouchers?
      Our experience vouchers, experiences boxes and experience card are valid for three years after purchase until the end of the particular year (31.12.). It is not possible to extend your voucher after this period.
      In the last validity year you can extend the validity of your voucher for 12 months for only the cost of 10% of the voucher value.

      Follow this link to extend the validity of your voucher!

  • Can I exchange my voucher?
      Your experience gift did not appeal to the presentee?
      Of course we're happy to exchange your voucher for another experience out of our pool of 1400 experiences. The exchange is free of charge within the cancellation period (only valid for German or Austrian orders), afterwards the service fee is 15 EUR.

      Follow this link to exchange your voucher!

      Exchange your voucher via our service hotline:
      Just call our service team via +49 89 70 80 90 90 and prepare your original voucher. Your new experience voucher will be sent to you via snail mail. The validation period of your former voucher will be retained.

      If your new experience is at a lower price than the former one, please contact our service team. You'll then get a value voucher for the remaining amount automatically. A cash refund is not possible. If the new experience is at a higher price than the former one, we need your bank account data with a formless one-time debt order to charge the remaining amount.

      Please note that an experience ticket is your entry to your experience, where date and venue are booked. Therefore exchanging your experience ticket is not possible.